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LGBTQ+ Relationship Content Creator

We are a queer couple who started out long distance and have been together 4 years strong. We spread positivity on our social media and normalize LGBTQ+ relationships. We believe we can bring diversity to any brand's table!
3-4 Instagram Stories
This package includes 3-4 Instagram stories.
1 In-Feed Post or Reel
This package includes 1 in-feed post or reel to live on our Instagram account.
1 In-Feed Post + 3-5 Stories
This package includes one in-feed post along with 3-5 Instagram story panels.
1 Tik Tok Post
This package includes 1 Tik Tok video up to 30 seconds long.
2-3 Minute Integration
This package includes a 2-3 minute segment in a YouTube video.
Isabel And Tamera
New York, NY, United States
LGBTQ+ Relationship Content Creator
This package includes 3-4 Instagram stories.
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