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Content Creator & Student-Athlete

I'm Leah Clapper - influencer, blogger, and podcast host. As a student-athlete on the University of Florida gymnastics team, I am passionate about athletics and empowering others. I enjoy creating content that inspires people to live happier and healthier lives. I run my own vegetarian food blog, Zest & Finesse, to share delicious and nutritious eats. I also host a gymnastics-related podcast, Zest & Progress, that uncovers athletes’ stories of resilience, energy, and self-confidence.
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One sponsored feed post + two Instagram stories
Instagram Reels + TikTok Collaboration
One 20-30 second video posted on Instagram Reels (5.4K) AND TikTok (18.6K) + two Instagram stories
TikTok Collaboration
1 TikTok video (18.6K followers)
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Podcast Sponsorship
30 second advertisement on Zest & Progress podcast. Included in 10 episodes, guaranteed for 4 months.
Leah Clapper
Gainesville, FL, United States
Content Creator & Student-Athlete
One sponsored feed post + two Instagram stories
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