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 book creator Rebecca Mckinnon being photographed
Rebecca Mckinnon
Toronto, ON, CA

Book Content Creator

 book creator Fathima Ramlah Naeem being photographed
Ramlah Naeem
Leicester, LEC, GB

Student, Book Blogger And Content Creator

 book creator Morrighan Gregory being photographed
Morrighan Gregory
Pittsburgh, PA, US

Book Reviewer, Photographer, Artist

Responds Fast
Parysinthepages responds to requests faster than most creators.
 book creator Parys Cadman being photographed
Bedford, BDF, GB

Bookstagram, Book Reviewer & Content Creator

 book creator Aubrey Downs being photographed
Aubrey Downs
Holbrook, NY, US

Book Reviewer, Book Club Host

 book creator Melissa Barbuzzi being photographed
Melissa Barbuzzi
Toronto, ON, CA

Book Blogger, Bookstagrammer, Life Style Influenc…

 book creator Lauren Bergstrom being photographed
Lauren Bergstrom
Vancouver, BC, CA

Arts And Crafts Book Author

 book creator Abbey Heffer being photographed
Abbey Heffer
Stuttgart, BW, DE

Phd, Book Reviews, Politics & Sustainability

 book creator Maggie Hartley being photographed
Maggie Hartley
Kutztown, PA, US

Book Blogger

 book creator Kathryn Lee being photographed
Kathryn Lee
Denver, CO, US

Book/Fashion Blogger & Photographer

 book creator Abdullah Alqallaf being photographed
Abdullah Alqallaf
Kuwait, KW

Fashion Visual Stylist Look Book Content Creator

 book creator Emily Christensen being photographed
Emily Christensen
Denver, CO, US

Book Influencer

 book creator Scarlett To  being photographed
Scarlett To
Hong Kong, HK

Travel Book Writer, Travel, Food And Beauty Blogg…

 book creator Libraryofa Viking being photographed
Libraryofa Viking
Southampton, HAM, GB

Lover Of Books And All Things Fantasy, Sci-Fi And…

 book creator Alexia being photographed
Paris, FR

Content Creator (Lifestyle & Bookish Content)

 book creator Megan Tripp being photographed
Megan Tripp
Brooklyn, NY, US

Queer Bookish Content Creator

Top Creator
Top creators have completed multiple orders and have a high rating from brands.
Responds Fast
Fabienne responds to requests faster than most creators.
 book creator Fabienne Martens being photographed
Fabienne Martens
Amsterdam, NL

Bookstagrammer & Literary Influencer

 book creator Georgia being photographed
Orlando, FL, US

Cosplay & Bookish Content Creator

 book creator Sydney being photographed
Miami, FL, US

Bookstagrammer & Literary Influencer

 book creator Haleigh Wheatley being photographed
Haleigh Wheatley
Jackson, TN, US

Bookish Content Creator

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5 stars from a creator and a brand
I've used Collabstr from both the Creator side and the Brand side! It is extremely user-friendly and has lead to some great relationships with creators/brands I wouldn't have been connected to otherwise. Love the platform!
Layla - Influencer & Founder
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Best platform to connect with influencers
Best platform to connect with influencers and content creators. I’ve signed up to many platforms, collabstr is the easiest to use and gives the best results for my brand.
Myriam - Founder of BBeyond
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Great way to generate content
Been using Collabstr to generate content for our seasonal clothing lines. Super easy for us to search for relevant influencers and pay them. We save at least 10-20 hours a month on this.
Courtney - Marketer
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How do I search for book influencers?

You can search for book influencers by using a free influencer search tool like Collabstr. Simply narrow down your results with the search bar and make payments through the platform.

Using a free influencer search tool will allow you to cut down on the time spent searching for influencers. Your money is also protected since you’re paying through the platform, and your funds are escrowed until your order is fulfilled.

Is this a free book influencer search tool?

Yes, Collabstr is a free influencer search tool. You can search for influencers for free by using the provided filters. Select a platform, and enter a keyword or select a niche, then hit search. From here, you can browse through thousands of influencers and buy content from them directly through the platform.

Why should I use a book influencer search tool?

An influencer search tool can be a great asset to anybody who is not working with an agency when it comes to working with influencers or content creators. A search tool like Collabstr can save your team hours when searching for the right influencer and building relationships with them.

With an influencer search tool like Collabstr, you can easily filter through thousands of influencers and content creators before placing your order with anyone that fits your criteria. Once you've placed an order, you can manage your order directly through the platform.

Unlike other search tools, Collabstr only shows you influencers and content creators that have signed up and created a profile, this means that every influencer and content creator on Collabstr is active on the platform.

Is an influencer search tool the same as an influencer database?

An influencer search tool is not the same as an influencer database. Collabstr’s search tool only shows your real influencers and content creators that have personally signed up for Collabstr and completed their profile. On the other hand, an influencer database relies on scraping social media profiles and displaying them in a database. This means that the influencers and content creators are unaware they are being displayed in the database. This is why influencer databases are much less effective than an influencer search tool like Collabstr.

The Best Free Book Influencer Search Tool

Search top Book influencers for free on the largest influencer search tool

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