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How to Email Brands as an Influencer

Have you ever wondered how so many nano influencers are receiving brand deals? Quite often, they reach out to brands themselves!

Instagram influencer partnerships are by far the best performing platform for brands to reach new audiences quickly, and you don’t need to have millions of followers to land brand collaborations. Surprisingly, nano influencers (1k-10k followers) have the highest engagement rates!

Remember, your email pitch to brands is supposed to be brief. Approximately 2-3 paragraphs are all you need to get your point across.

You can typically find contact information for brands on their website or Instagram. If possible, try to find the email address specific to the marketing team or influencer team.

Emailing brands can be fairly intimidating, especially since you want to make a good first impression. In this article, We will discuss the dos and don'ts of writing a formal email to brands.

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1. Subject Line

The subject line of your email is extremely important. Larger brands have hundreds or thousands of emails pouring in every day, so you need to make sure your subject line is eye-catching.

Consider writing your name in the subject line so they can easily find it! Also, state your call-to-action or goal. For example, “John Smith - Instagram influencer proposal”

2. Introduce Yourself

If you want to build a relationship with this brand, let them know a bit about who you are.

In short, explain how your values and strengths align with what they do. Let them know where you live and what makes you special.

3. Tell Them Why You Love Them

Make sure they know you care about and support their brand. For example, if it’s a fashion brand, show them photos of you wearing their clothes in the past or tell them you love their styles! If it’s tourism-related, give them examples of how your lifestyle fits the type of content they're looking for.

4. Analytics

Include details such as your niche, target market, follower count and engagement rates, as well as why you would do well advertising their brand. This is where you get to brag and show off what you can do!

5. Call to Action

Tell them what you’re willing to do for them. For example, tell them you would love to create one Instagram post and one Instagram story promoting their products. You can go into detail by providing your photoshoot ideas to give them a better example of what they’ll receive. This is where you can choose to include your prices as well.

We have designed an influencer price calculator to help you choose the appropriate prices based on your social media platform, niche and follower count.

There are other factors to consider when establishing a rate you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget to account for exclusivity, the resources needed to create your content, and your engagement rate.

Also, feel free to change your rates depending on the project and what you feel comfortable with. You can also mention to the brand that you’re willing to negotiate prices with them. You can also ask the brand if they have any influencer packages set up. This usually involves free products or services in return for creating content for their brand.

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6. Media Kit

Attach your social media links and show off your personality. Include relevant partnerships you’ve done before. This is important to show them how successful you’ve been in the past. For example, you could show off the high-quality pictures you took for another brand or the engagement rates your post received.

Collabstr is a great way to have all of your packages and pricing in a central place where brands can purchase from you. You can easily share your custom link with brands as a way to show them what you offer.

Later media has some great tips about media kits:

“The first is to include the ways you have built brand awareness for brands. This could include Instagram Stories with swipe ups, YouTube videos, collaborations, campaigns, etc. The second most important aspect of your media kit is the ways you have driven conversion and traffic for similar brands. More so now than ever, this is the gateway to working with brands. At the end of the day brands typically want some sort of monetary ROI.

Share specific examples here — anything that can convey your ROI. Think about how many units sold, how fast did they sell, and what tactics you used to drive traffic and conversions.

List out the top 3 collaborations/promo/pieces of content you have worked on with brands and include links so they can see your work.”

7. Thank them

Thank the brand by showing that you appreciate them taking the time to consider you. End the email by stating that you look forward to hearing back from them and sign off with your name and social media handles.


Start with a subject line, briefly introduce yourself and tell the brand why you love them. Then, give them details on your social media analytics and tell them what kind of content you can make for them. Lastly, include your media kit and social media handles so they can check you out and thank them for taking the time to consider you.

If you follow these easy 7 steps on how to email brands as a content creator, they will have a hard time turning you down!

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