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I have not been paid for my order
Orders are automatically paid out as soon as they are marked as complete by the brand. You can track your money under the earnings tab.
My money is stuck in my Stripe account
If your bank information is incorrect, your payout may have been rejected by your bank. Edit your bank information and contact Collabstr to have the payment re-sent.
I don’t see my profile on the marketplace
All profiles go through a verification process with our team, and sometimes this can take a week or longer if there is a backlog of new profiles. This is why you may not immediately see your profile in the search results.
My card was charged before my order was accepted
When you place an order on Collabstr, we place a hold on your card for the order amount. This is not a charge, although it may show up as one on your credit card statement. If your order is declined, the charge will disappear.
My order was not accepted and I have not received my money back
If your order is declined, or it has not been accepted within 72 hours, we automatically remove the hold on your card. Sometimes it takes a few days for this to reflect on your credit card, so please be patient.
I need an invoice
All invoices can be viewed and downloaded under the billing tab.
How can I cancel my order?
Use the ‘cancel order’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of your order to initiate a cancellation.
How do I send custom offers?
If you have a request that doesn't fit an influencers existing packages you can send them a custom offer. To do this, click the ‘Send custom offer’ button on the influencers profile and follow the steps.
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