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Influencer content
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How Collabstr Works

Everything you need to run your influencer campaigns, and more.

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Search Influencers

Search through thousands of vetted Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers.
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Purchase Securely

Safely purchase through Collabstr. We hold your payment until the work is completed.
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Receive Quality Content

Receive your high quality content from influencers directly through the platform.
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Search influencers for free. No subscriptions, contracts or hidden fees.
Check iconVetted Influencers
Every influencer is vetted by us. Always receive high-quality, professional content.
Chat iconInstant Chat
Instantly chat with influencers and stay in touch throughout the whole transaction.
Lock iconSecure Purchases
Your money is held safely until you approve the influencer’s work.

Create Campaigns

Centralize your images, requirements, content examples, and more in a campaign brief

Send to Influencers

Order from influencers in one click by sending your campaign

Share With Anyone

Easily share your campaign with anyone outside of Collabstr by using your unique link
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How does shipping work?

Once you place an order, the influencer will send you their shipping info through the chat. You can then use your preferred shipping carrier to send them the product.

How do I send custom offers?

If you have a request that doesn't fit an influencers existing packages you can send them a custom offer. To do this, click the "Contact" button on the influencers profile and follow the steps.

Can Collabstr manage an influencer campaign for me?

Yes, if you would like Collabstr to plan and manage an influencer campaign for you, email us at to get started.

How are influencers vetted before joining Collabstr?

We verify the identity of each influencer that is listed on the platform. We also do a full audit of their social media to look for signs of fake followers & engagement. We also take into consideration their previous brand deals.

How do I know I will receive the work I paid for?

Collabstr holds your money until the work is completed and approved by you. You will have up to 48 hours once the work has been submitted to ask for a revision or open a dispute with Collabstr.

How long does an influencer have to accept my order?

Influencers are given 72 hours to accept new orders before they automatically expire.

What if an influencer declines my order?

We do not charge you until an influencer accepts your order. So if your order gets declined no action is required from you.

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