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My name is Chioma I am an aspiring fashion and lifestyle Influencer based in Belgium. I use my platform of 6k to promote Fashion and I receive engagement of 450-500 likes. I have 62% of female followers between 18-24, 25-34. I am consistent with my posts on Instagram and my followers are diverse, and that are quite proactive and supportive.
Story post
1 story talking about the product/piece.
Reel post. Permanent or temporary.
Feed post
One feed post, will be there for 1 month. Brand will be tagged.
Story + Feed post
3-5 story, Feed post and reels talking about the product/items Feed post will be there for 1 month and brand will be tagged.
Brands I have worked with
I have worked with: Fabletics x 4 , Zaful, Bepretty, PopSockets x4 , Tom hope , Gluteboost, AccessorizeyoureyesUk, Beyourlable , Stronger , Ideale sweden , Lil Margo and One pieces And still working with some of them.
Where are u based?
I am based in Belgium.
Antwerp, Belgium
Fashion/lifestyle Content creator
1 story talking about the product/piece.
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