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6 Best Influencer Apps for Brand Deals and Analytics

With influencer marketing becoming a $17.4 billion industry in 2023, brands and influencers are constantly on the lookout for influencer apps that can give them an edge. Influencer apps make it easier to connect with one and other, make payments, and track analytics.

In this article, we’ll go through a list of influencer apps that are essential to both brands and influencers. The apps will cover the full pipeline of the influencer marketing process, from influencer marketplace apps to apps that display influencer analytics.

What Are the Best Influencer Apps?

Influencer apps are software tools or platforms that help brands and influencers connect with each other for brand deals and other paid collaborations.

Typically, influencer apps will allow brands to browse through influencers by using the provided filters, such as the influencer’s platform, niche, location, gender, and more. Depending on the influencer app, companies can also post campaigns that influencers can apply to. 

Influencer apps are beneficial to both brands and influencers, as they create a vetted network of brands and influencers that are ready to collaborate with one and other on various content-related projects.

The creators listed on influencer apps will usually span major platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Some influencer apps form fully-fledged marketplaces, whilst others focus on particular niches or functionalities.

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What Are the Best Influencer Apps?

Influencers continue to provide a powerful marketing channel for brands. User-generated content geared towards strong communities is a great vehicle for boosting campaigns. Building an audience is a business in itself. An influencer spends years building theirs, making their monetizable asset attention. They represent the beginning of a sales funnel, which is gaining attention for a product. By soliciting an influencer, you are effectively outsourcing the time-consuming task of getting under the nose of your target audience.

Influencer apps act as agents between influencers and brands. Their benefit is streamlining the transaction to get results quicker for both sides. By partnering with the right influencer on social media, your marketing campaign could see a remarkable boost toward its goal.

The ideal partnership is between a brand and creator that share values. The more closely aligned their audiences are, the more your messaging will feel like an extension of their own. If the content resonates with their audience, you’re likely to see good returns on your investment.

That’s why the selection is critical when using influencers. Influencer apps that categorize niches will help you focus your sales funnel through the correct ambassador. Fashion brands might seek a model influencer while travel brands may work with lifestyle vloggers.

Now that we’re familiar with influencer apps, let’s jump into the list of our top suggestions.

What Are the Best Influencer Apps?

Here are some of the best apps for influencer marketing, as well as some supporting applications you’ll need for organization and tracking. 


Finding Influencers

Collabstr also has a great creator portal. Their inviting features include a collab management system, tax handling, and access to exciting brand opportunities.Collabstr has been featured in posts by Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, Bloomberg, Shopify, and The New York Times. 

Audit Influencers and analytics


Creators can whip up their own micro-website with Hypescout’s free built-in tool. It allows creators to present themselves to brands with neat custom themes, analytics, and previews for social media.



General social media tools





Criteria to consider

Influencer apps can be overwhelming if you’re not clear on your expectations. There are endless marketplaces overflowing with creators all eager to collaborate. These four criteria should help you determine where your money is best spent. 


Marketplaces that aggregate only high-quality creators are superior to those that let anyone list. Limiting your focus to apps that vet talent will save you time, money, and headaches. 

If the user experience of the influencer app is high, it’s usually reflective of the creators you’ll be working with. So, you’ll want to be able to whittle your search based on key criteria to save time. 

Influencer apps will usually have their own systems for quality control in place, but make sure that extends to your brand’s expectations.

Investigate the influencer’s activity before you hire them. A high follower count may not translate to high engagement. Keep an eye out for suspicious discrepancies between the two; if they have lots of followers but little engagement, their audience is likely made up of bots. Inspect the comments on some of their content for bot activity, too.

You could also conduct a light background check into the influencer’s internet footprint, in case there are past collabs or behavior that doesn’t align with your brand.


You’ll want to make sure that the terms and deliverables can be clearly communicated with the influencer. Functions like instant chat offer a fluid way to keep in touch. The app should be effective in allowing you to discuss your ideas, terms, and perhaps building an ongoing relationship with the other party.


Is your payment being handled and processed professionally? Dealing with influencers through reputable marketplaces ensures you’ll be treated fairly. Be cautious of influencers who you haven’t worked with before who discourage using escrow services. You want to maintain control and be able release the funds once deliverables have been approved.

As described above, you could also fall victim to influencer marketing fraud, where the account accepts a fee to promote to fake followers. Exercising caution is important when you haven’t dealt with somebody before.


Consider the fees involved with using an influencer app before committing. Some apps charge a subscription fee for access to their database and tools with packages and perks. They could instead take a percentage of each sale or a combination of both. You’ll also want to make sure the influencer is appropriately priced. Influencer apps that pay attention to quality control will have systems in place to ensure the brand is getting a fair deal. 

You can gauge the value of using an influencer through concrete metrics such as followers and engagement. Less tangible indicators include profile – or ‘star-power’ – and cultural influence in your niche. Many influencer apps offer metric tracking so you’re able to assess the impact of your campaign.

What to look for in an influencer app

Influencer apps are essential tools for managing your influencer marketing campaign. You’ll need the tools to: 

With the right stack, you can successfully execute and accurately track the results.

Explore a solid range of possibilities before committing yourself to a decision and consider how to get the most value from your budget. If you’re a photography brand, consider going with an Instagram influencer app if that’s all you need to focus your campaign around.

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