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Getting a YouTube Sponsorship: Everything You Need to Know

Want to learn more about how YouTube sponsorships work? No problem. We here at Collabstr are experts in all things influencer marketing, including YouTube brand deals. Businesses spent a whopping $603 million on them in 2021 alone. 

With YouTube sponsorships benefiting both the content creator and the brand sponsoring them, it’s no wonder so many businesses around the world are waking up to its power. After all, 8 out of 10 consumers have purchased something after an influencer has recommended it. What’s more, influencer marketing brings in 11x the ROI than standard advertising formats like banner ads.

Could you be the influencer to make that kind of huge difference? Let’s explain everything you need to know – including how to get sponsored in YouTube and how much sponsors tend to pay YouTubers to promote their products.

This guide is built for both YouTubers and marketers alike. Think of it as 101 on what YouTube sponsorship is and why it’s so worthwhile investing in from both ends.

What is YouTube sponsorship? 

A YouTube sponsorship is a partnership between a brand and a YouTube content creator. You might know it simply as making branded content or landing a brand deal. It’s one of the best platforms for influencer marketing for this reason.

In return for payment, content creators promote a brand’s products and services within their video content. Usually as an integrated segment placed at the start or end, where they’ll talk about the features and benefits of a product or service.

YouTubers often collaborate with the brands that most fit the vibe of their channel – in other words, the brands that fit the topics they cover and match their personal interests. Choosing the right brands to partner with ensures your promotions resonate well with your subscribers. 

For instance, YouTube’s makeup moguls, like NikkieTutorials, often partner up with big beauty brands like Maybelline, Em Cosmetics, or HiSmile. These are the brands her followers are directly interested in. It might be odd, or a little jarring if her branded content suddenly started promoting gaming products. 


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Dedicated branded content

Some YouTube sponsorship deals go way beyond an integrated segment. Influencers can also create dedicated content that’s entirely built to promote a brand or its products/services, including things like:

According to research, the most popular type of branded content in 2021 was an integrated segment (45%), followed by introduction segments (32%), the description only (19%), and lastly, dedicated content (just 0.20%). So although branded content does vary in type, integrated segments are most common. Dedicated branded content like paid reviews are usually created by mega influencers (those with 1m+ followers) or influencers who are well-known as professionals in their industry like NikkieTutorials, PewdiePie, and so many others.

Why Are the Benefits of YouTube Sponsorships

So what are the benefits of taking part in a YouTube sponsorship – especially for small channels and micro influencers?

Benefits For YouTubers:

Benefits For marketers:

YouTube sponsorship is a two-way partnership. Here are the top benefits for marketers. In other words, the reasons they want influencers like you on board.

Are you a business searching for a YouTube influencer? If so, finding the right content creator for your brand campaign is simple with us. Join as a brand today and start searching our network of vetted influencers.

How to Get Sponsored on YouTube

Interested in growing your channel and getting paid whilst you’re at it? Here’s how you get sponsored on YouTube quickly and by a brand that suits you to a T.

  1. Reach out to brands

Don’t be shy about taking the direct approach. Find the contact details of brands you know are already looking for a sponsor and send across a pitch explaining why you’re a good fit. Putting yourself out there confidently is key. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of example content for them to check out.

  1. Network and socialize at industry events

If you’re serious about finding a sponsor, another great way of getting your name out there is attending events and conventions – they’re a great way to get new content ideas and find connections by networking amongst peers. You never know what business owner might be sitting next to you at one of the workshops. 

There are plenty of influencer marketing events taking place around the world. Have a browse and take your pick.

  1. Grow your number of subscribers 

We recommend having a minimum of 1,000 subscribers before you start looking for a sponsor. The bigger your following, the better brand exposure you offer those sponsoring you. So before you start reaching for the skies, focus on growing your channel first by:

  1. Sign up for Collabstr 

If you’re having trouble finding a sponsor by yourself, sign up to Collabstr today where you can showcase who you are, what content you’re up for making, and why you’re a good fit for so many unique brands. 

How it works is pretty simple too. Create a personal page and list your social links for brands to check out. The offers will soon fly in, as plenty of brands hire influencers on YouTube. And once they do, you can start earning money straight away and easily manage your deals with our foolproof, easy-to-use platform. 

How Much Do Sponsors Pay YouTubers?

The amount influencers are paid for their YouTube sponsorships mostly depends on two factors: the size of your following (ie. how many subscribers you have and your average no. of views) and the type of branded content you’re creating (eg. integrated video, dedicated, etc.). According to research from Shopify, the average sponsorship rates look something like this:

On average, YouTubers make $10 - $50 per 1,000 views from sponsorship alone. That's nearly 10x more than you’ll make from YouTube ads (if your content is even monetized in the first place – that means sticking to advertiser-friendly rules like profanities and no sexually explicit content). 

You can also take a look at what other YouTubers are charging for sponsorships by using our YouTube influencer money calculator.

Wrapping up

It’s worth looking at YouTube sponsorship as a ‘one-hand washes another’ situation. Whilst brands investing in sponsorships will reap the benefits of brand exposure, you as influencers get the chance to make money and boost the exposure of your own channel whilst you’re at it.

Whether you’re a brand or a content creator, the Collrabstr platform makes finding a YouTube sponsorship deal effortless. We’re loved by over 60,000 content creators and 20,000 brands worldwide – and you can be one of them today. Find out how it works today.

Written by Collabstr

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