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12 Examples Of The Best Ads On Instagram

In recent years, Instagram ads have experienced an increase in reach and influence, with staggering statistics that demonstrate its potential as a leading platform for product discovery and purchase. 

According to recent data, a remarkable 60% of Instagram users claim to have stumbled upon products or services while scrolling through their feeds. This highlights the platform's ability to engage users.

Collabstr has compiled the best Instagram ads that have captivated audiences and led to successful conversions. From inventive storytelling methods to visually striking content, we’ll explore the strategies and campaigns that have propelled brands to new heights, capturing the hearts (and wallets) of Instagram users. 

What are Instagram Ads?


Instagram ads are posts that promote a business’s products or services. These posts can appear in various formats, including the Instagram feed and stories, and may consist of images or videos. The primary advantage of advertising on Instagram is the ability to leverage data that Facebook users provide, enabling ads to reach a highly targeted audience

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How Can Instagram Ads Benefit Your Brand?

1. Flexible

One of the key advantages of utilizing Instagram ads as social media marketing for your brand is the inherent flexibility and effortless accessibility they offer. Plus, Instagram’s ad creation process is designed to be user-friendly, which allows brands to set up and launch their campaigns with ease. 

2. Diverse ad selection

Since Instagram ads offer a diverse collection of advertising formats that cater to various marketing objectives, businesses can leverage an array of ad options, including photo ads, video ads, stories ads, and more. You can even experiment with different ad combinations to determine which advertising strategies resonate most effectively with your potential customers.

3. Monitor your account’s performance effortlessly

Through detailed metrics and insights, you can gain valuable data on impressions, reach, engagement, click-through rates, and more. Whether it's analyzing the success of a new product launch or gauging the impact of a seasonal campaign, Instagram's intuitive performance monitoring ensures that brands can stay on top of their advertising game and drive measurable results for their business.


By clicking on specific metrics, such as “Accounts Reached,” you can gain more detailed insights into impressions, account activity, top stories, top posts, profile visits, and more. Utilizing this information, you can determine which type of content resonates best with your audience.

If you observe an increase in activity for a particular type of content, you can analyze what made it successful, and implement a similar strategy for future ad campaigns. Additionally, Instagram Insights enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your paid ads in reaching your target audience.

4. Advanced targeting options available

From demographic filters like age, gender, and location to interests, behaviors, and even specific connections, you can fine-tune their target audience to ensure their ads reach the right people at the right time. With these advanced targeting capabilities, Instagram marketing now includes tailoring ad campaigns that resonate with your potential audience.

What Makes A Good Instagram Ad?

1. Mobile-first design

In today’s digital age, an astounding  4.08 billion users now access social media using their mobile devices. With such a massive user base browsing social platforms on their smartphones and tablets, optimizing visual content for mobile viewing has become an essential aspect of any successful marketing strategy.

It's not surprising that more people are using mobile devices because they are convenient and easy to access. Mobiles allow us to connect with others, read news, enjoy entertainment, shop online, and interact with brands directly from our hands. Since so many people use mobiles for these activities, it's essential to create content that fits the mobile experience. Otherwise, we might miss chances to reach a large audience and risk turning them away.

2. Branding and messaging upfront

In an Instagram ad, the beginning is super important. If it doesn't catch the viewer's attention within the first few seconds, they might just scroll past your video. To make a successful Instagram ad, it's crucial to show the main message and branding right at the start – within the first 3 seconds.

3. Compelling copy that hooks

The most effective Instagram ads feel personal and friendly, not like a sales pitch. Instead of pushing your brand or product aggressively, connect with your followers on a personal level. So when creating content for ads, talk to them like friends, not just potential customers.

From a technical standpoint, keep in mind that Instagram automatically trims copy that exceeds a certain character limit. Therefore, it is vital to craft an engaging opening line that entices your audience to click the “See More” button in order to view the remainder of your ad copy.

4. Relevant and attractive visuals

On Instagram, visuals are essential, so a good ad should have eye-catching and high-quality images or videos. While a catchy headline and good text are helpful, they alone might not be enough to capture your audience's interest. That's why it's crucial to carefully choose the best visual content that matches your ad's objectives.

The key here is to blend top-quality visuals with relevancy. If your image does not suit the tone and style of your ad copy (and the landing page it leads to), you risk putting prospective leads off.

Best Instagram Ads

Instagram has become a hangout place for online users where they communicate and find out about new brands and interact with them. When users scroll through their feeds, they see lots of ads trying to get their attention. But to really make an ad stand out, collaborating with influencers is the key in this competitive space.. However, in this competitive landscape, it is the power of collaboration with influencers that can truly make an ad stand out from the crowd.

To further enhance the effectiveness of Instagram ads, platforms like Collabstr have emerged to bridge the gap between brands and influencers. Collabstr offers a unique solution where brands can post collaboration opportunities and connect with the right influencers to amplify their marketing efforts.

Now, let’s check out some of the best Instagram ads that you can use. We’ve dived them into three major categories below:

Best Instagram Photo Ads

Instagram photo ads are simple yet eye-catching advertisements that use a single image to showcase your products, services, or brand. These ads appear seamlessly in users' feeds and can feature compelling visuals with captivating captions to grab attention and drive engagement.

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Here are some of the best Instagram Photo Ads:

1. McDonald’s

Even though this McDonald's ad doesn't show their name or logo in the picture, people can still easily recognize it. It's a clever example of making simple and captivating content without using the usual brand elements. They shared this ad on the first day of summer to make sure customers remember their brand.

2. Uber

User-generated content is an affordable and easy method to create posts and ads that fit well with users' feeds. Take this Uber ad, for example; it's a basic screenshot of a tweet and resembles posts from Instagram meme accounts. Such content is often shared by people with their friends or on their Stories, which helps it reach a wider audience. Testimonials or reviews can also be used for user-generated content in static image ads.

3. Krisers Pets

Sometimes, a straightforward approach is the best way to achieve your desired result. Lokk at that cute face! You can imagine this adorable ad required the puppy to pose in 12 different ways with its ears getting tugged. It’s a simple way to market a grooming service, and sometimes, that’s all you need! 

4. Elementor

In this advertisement, Elementor, a software company, introduces its new service. The ad showcases bright colors, like lavender, to catch viewers' attention and encourage them to stop scrolling. Using only two concise sentences to explain the benefits of purchasing the plan, this ad is another example of getting straight to the point.

5. Walmart


The Walmart ad extends an invitation to its customers and offers clear details about the promotion, prominently displaying the free offer, along with the specific time, date, and store location where customers can avail themselves of this opportunity. 

Best Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads are dynamic and engaging advertisements that use short videos to tell your brand story or showcase your products in action. These ads come to life in users' feeds, allowing businesses to capture attention with moving visuals, sound, and compelling messaging.

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Check out some of the best Instagram Video Ads example below:

6. HubSpot

HubSpot's advertisement aims to attract more users to try their free customer relationship management system (CRM). The ad presents viewers with two options: spending time manually entering data into a spreadsheet or signing up for their free CRM, making the latter a clear and straightforward choice to save time.

7. Netflix

Netflix is advertising the show Bridgerton to its subscribers, and the ad provides valuable insights for marketers. The use of social proof is evident, showcasing glowing reviews from reputable critics to entice viewers to binge-watch the show. 

Additionally, Netflix includes a sneak peek of visually stunning scenes from the series, piquing curiosity without revealing too much about the plot, effectively building intrigue and interest among potential viewers.

8. Yoga International

Yoga International is commemorating the International Day of Yoga with a special offer of free live yoga classes conducted by expert teachers, and this ad provides valuable marketing lessons. The ad embraces inclusivity, featuring diverse individuals of various genders, ages, and body types successfully practicing yoga, conveying the message that everyone is welcome to join the free classes.

9. Eubi

Eubi creates durable and enjoyable menswear, and their video ad is a hit, featuring a side-by-side comparison of their static product shot and its real-life appearance. This valuable insight is precisely what customers need before making a purchase. The ad stands out from typical clothing ads on Instagram, catching viewers' attention and encouraging them to stop scrolling for a closer look.

10. Chik-Fil-A

Chik-fil-a's Instagram post scored big with a pregnancy announcement that captivated viewers. The clever twist on the usual "bun-in-the-oven" reveal. The use of self-deprecating humor was spot-on, precisely what you'd expect from a fast-food restaurant. Despite its brevity, the post managed to tell a complete and entertaining story in no time.

Best Instagram Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are interactive and versatile advertisements that allow you to showcase multiple images or videos in a single post. Users can swipe through the carousel to view different products, features, or aspects of your brand, providing an engaging and immersive experience that encourages exploration and drives conversions.

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Discover the top Instagram carousel ads below:

11. The New Yorker

The New Yorker's ad aims to encourage people to book tickets for a British Airways flight. The ad effectively fuels anticipation by mentioning remarkable destinations that travelers can visit when flying with British Airways, giving them something exciting to look forward to when making their flight choices. 

12. Oppo

Oppo's advertisement aims to attract the public to join them at the London Design Festival 2022. The ad's copy is clear about the offer, highlighting that attendees will have an opportunity to showcase their talents and receive guidance from art and tech experts. Oppo also cleverly employs branded hashtags to encourage social media sharing.

Collaborating with influential content creators has proven to be a winning strategy for brands looking to create impactful and authentic connections with their target audience. When it comes to finding and hiring the perfect influencers, one platform stands out: Collabstr

Collabstr streamlines the process, making it effortless to find the ideal collaborators for custom content creation. Whether you're looking for sponsored posts, testimonial videos, product photos, or engaging ads, Collabstr simplifies the journey by connecting brands with a diverse array of talented influencers.


Throughout this article, we have explored the power of Instagram ads and the pivotal role that influencer collaborations play in driving success. From innovative storytelling techniques to captivating visuals, the best Instagram ads have demonstrated the ability to captivate audiences, foster trust, and ultimately convert interest into action.

Embrace the power of Instagram ads and influencer collaborations, and discover the transformative impact they can have on your brand's reach, engagement, and conversions. Take the next step towards unlocking your brand's potential by visiting Collabstr today and harnessing the creative force of influencers to create unforgettable Instagram ad campaigns.

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