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Top Instagram Marketing Tools For 2024

Are you using Instagram to promote your business? With over one billion active users, Instagram has become a valuable platform for businesses to reach out to their target audience. But are you making the most out of it?

Instagram marketing is not just about posting pictures and videos. It's about creating a strong brand presence and engaging with your audience. There are several tools available that can help you achieve your marketing goals on Instagram.

In this article, we here at Collabstr will discuss the top Instagram marketing tools that can help you increase your reach, engagement, and, ultimately, your sales. These tools will not only save you time but also help you analyze your performance on the platform. Ready? Let’s jump in! 

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What are Instagram Marketing Tools?

Instagram Marketing Tools are software that help businesses and individuals to enhance their marketing efforts on Instagram. These tools provide features that enable users to schedule posts, track engagement, analyze data and monitor followers.

Instagram marketing tools are essential for businesses that want to increase their brand visibility and reach a wider audience on social media. By utilizing these tools, businesses can create a more effective social media marketing strategy and improve their overall online presence.

One popular Instagram marketing tool is Collabstr. With it, users can search for other Instagram accounts that they can collaborate with, such as influencers or brands that have similar target audiences.

Collabstr also provides analytics to help users track their performance and engagement on Instagram, as well as a marketplace where users can buy and sell Instagram accounts.

How Instagram Marketing Tools Can Benefit You

Below are several benefits you can get from using Instagram marketing tools:

Builds Brand Awareness and Recognition

Using Instagram marketing tools can benefit businesses by increasing brand awareness and recognition, to help you leverage Instagram’s huge audience.

For instance, using a marketing tool like Collabstr will help you connect with influencers on the platform easily. With an influencer’s assistance, you’ll be able to get your brand and products in front of engaged audiences within your niche, increasing your brand reach overall. 


Opportunities for customer engagement

Engaging with customers on Instagram can build loyalty and trust. Businesses can use comments, likes, and direct messages to interact with their audience and increase sales.

You can try several techniques using Instagram marketing tools to encourage client engagement. These could include:

More sales

Instagram marketing tools provide businesses with insights into their audience's behavior and preferences. It can help them tailor their marketing strategies to be more effective. This, when combined with Instagram's algorithm and massive user base, can result in increased sales for businesses that use Instagram marketing tools.

Lead generation happens at a low cost

Because Instagram is a free marketing platform, investing in Instagram marketing tools is a more cost-effective option for lead generation compared to traditional advertising methods. Social media networks offer the opportunity to scale up with low-cost leads, which can be particularly advantageous for small businesses. To optimize engagement, it’s important to ensure that brand content is tailored to the appropriate audience.

Types of Instagram Marketing Content

With Instagram marketing tools, you can create different types of Instagram marketing content:

Instagram Influencer Marketing


Influencers are regarded as experts in their field and have a devoted following. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that involves influencers endorsing products and making product mentions. 

Influencer marketing has proven effective due to the trust social influencers have established with their followers. It leads to their recommendations serving as social proof for a brand's potential customers.

Collabstr is an Instagram marketing tool that facilitates influencer marketing. The platform serves as a marketplace for finding and hiring influencers/content creators. Brands and agencies can easily purchase custom content, including sponsored posts, testimonial videos, product photos, ads, and other types of content.

Organic Instagram Marketing Content


Organic Instagram marketing means using the platform's free tools to share content, build a community, and drive business results. It's different from paid campaigns because it's all about building your brand and raising awareness (without spending money).

Basically, organic Instagram marketing involves:


Paid Content

You can pay to have your content shown to Instagram users in their feeds, Stories, or under the Explore tab. Paid content has a "sponsored" or “paid partnership” label and can have buttons, links, and catalogues. There are different formats available such as images, videos, Reels, Collections, and Explore. You can boost regular posts to a targeted audience for a specific duration and run full campaigns.

Pricing for these paid advertisements varies depending on targeting, competition, and scheduling, as with most paid digital advertisements.

Instagram Shop


An Instagram Shop allows businesses to sync their product catalog with their Instagram profile, which enables them to promote their products directly to Instagram users through posts, Stories, the Explore tab, and a dedicated Shop tab on their profile. This feature helps businesses reach potential customers through their posts and encourages them to learn more about their products and potentially make a purchase.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Tools


#1: Collabstr

Collabstr is a game-changing influencer marketing platform that assists brands in discovering the most suitable influencers for their campaigns. With its advanced search feature, you can easily find Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers based on their audience size, engagement rate, and other criteria.

Collabstr also facilitates communication with influencers and allows you to track the outcomes of your campaigns in one place, making it convenient and efficient. 

Additionally, Callabstr lets you calculate how much you should charge or pay for sponsored Instagram content before getting an influencer. Lastly, it offers insightful reports and analytics to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Collabstr is a must-have tool for any brand that wants to find and hire Instagram influencers, and make the most out of influencer marketing.

#2: Socialpilot

SocialPilot is an automated Instagram marketing tool that offers a range of features to help users manage their accounts with ease. Its user-friendly interface allows you to do the following:

By automating posts and responding to comments quickly, SocialPilot helps users save time and boost engagement on their Instagram accounts.

#3: LeeTags

Hashtags are an essential part of getting your content seen by a wider audience on Instagram, but it can be time-consuming to research and find the best hashtags to use.

LeeTags solves this problem by providing users with a list of relevant and trending hashtags, so they can focus on creating great content instead of spending hours searching the web for the right hashtags. With up-to-date information on which hashtags are popular among users, LeeTags is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to grow their following on Instagram.

#4: Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool that allows users to visually plan and schedule their Instagram posts, carousels, stories, and reels. With Buffer, users can receive personalized recommendations to increase their reach and build organic momentum on their Instagram page, based on the best times to post on Instagram.

By taking advantage of this tool, users can transform their page from mediocre to must-follow, helping to generate more engagement and ultimately grow their brand or business. With features like analytics and reporting, Buffer makes it easy to track the success of your Instagram strategy and make adjustments as needed.

#5: Gleam

Gleam is an Instagram contest software that allows you to create campaigns quickly and easily. Using it, you can drive actions from your followers, track entries automatically, and contact winners without any hassle.

This software enables you to create engaging contests on Instagram that can help you increase your brand visibility and attract more followers. Gleam's user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a must-have tool for businesses looking to boost their social media presence. 

#6: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a social media analytics tool that provides actionable insights to optimize your content strategy. With Iconosquare, you can track your follower evolution, average engagement rate per post, reach history, and much more. This information can help you make informed decisions about your social media content and improve your overall performance.

Iconosquare also offers an audit feature, which provides a comprehensive analysis of your Instagram account and suggests ways to improve your profile and content. 

#7: VSCO

VSCO is a popular photo and video editing app that offers premium filters, professional tools, and a creative community. Social media is dominated by visuals, and VSCO helps enhance the quality of photos and videos.

Unlike Instagram, VSCO provides a variety of filters and presets to make brands stand out. By using VSCO, users can capture attention and create mesmerizing visuals for Instagram and the VSCO app.

VSCO is a necessity if you want to improve your brand visuals and posts on Instagram. 

#8: Kicksta

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps influencers, social media managers, business owners, and agencies to grow their followers organically. It uses AI technology to grow Instagram followers organically. No spam, bots, or fake followers. They target real people interested in clients' content and products. The AI tech engages potential followers in a personalized and relevant way. This increases the chances of them following and engaging with clients' accounts.

With their proprietary AI-powered technology, Kicksta has been able to provide steady growth without the use of spam, bots, or fake followers. 

Their focus on organic growth sets them apart from other Instagram growth services, ensuring that their customers receive high-quality and genuine followers. Over the past five years, Kicksta has built a reputation as a reliable and effective service for anyone looking to grow their Instagram following.

#9: ShortStack

ShortStack is an Instagram marketing tool that allows businesses to create custom and branded interactive marketing content. This content can be used to engage visitors and ultimately convert them into customers, helping to grow your business.

The platform offers a range of features, including customizable landing pages, templates, and social media integrations. ShortStack is a popular choice among businesses of all sizes looking to improve their online marketing efforts.

#10: Canva

Canva is a tool that provides a variety of customizable templates for Instagram posts and Stories, with over 23,000 free post templates and 13,000 free Stories templates available. Additionally, Canva offers a library of 1 million+ stock photos, illustrations, and videos that can be used to enhance your posts.

Find Your Influencer with Collabstr

What stands out among these Instagram marketing tools is Collabstr. Unlike other apps on the list, Collabstr allows brands and agencies to connect with influencers and content creators, providing an opportunity to create custom content and sponsored posts for social media.

This app simplifies the process of finding and hiring influencers, making it easier for businesses to promote their products and services. With Collabstr, businesses can access a range of marketing options including testimonial videos, product photos, and ads, all designed to increase engagement and drive traffic to their website.


Instagram marketing tools provide businesses with a range of benefits, including increased brand awareness and recognition, opportunities for customer engagement, and enlarged sales. By utilizing these tools, businesses can create a more effective social media marketing strategy and improve their overall online presence.

Collabstr is one such tool that allows users to collaborate with other Instagram accounts and provides analytics to track performance and engagement. With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, businesses can leverage these tools to reach a wider audience and generate leads at a low cost compared to traditional advertising methods.

Join Collabstr  today, and find the perfect influencers for your business. Alternatively, become a PRO, to post your influencer marketing campaigns directly on the platform, allowing influencers to sign up to your campaign themselves, rather than seeking them out yourself, saving you bundles of time!

Written by Collabstr

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