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10 Companies That Pay Influencers for Brand Deals

Last Updated December 29, 2022

The beauty of being a content creator in this day and age is the fact that you can get paid to work with your favorite brands. This is no longer limited to sponsored content on social media, but we’re also seeing a lot of brands paying influencers for original content creation. This means influencers are getting paid to create testimonials, ads, unboxings, and more for their favorite brands and products.

The hardest part about getting into a position where you are paid to collaborate with your favorite brand is finding a brand that is the right fit for you and your audience. Keeping this in mind, we have comprised a list of 10 companies that pay influencers.

While it would not be possible for us to list out each and every brand out there that pays influencers, this list should serve as a guideline for those seeking paid partnerships. Most of the companies on this list are in industries where dozens, or even hundreds of similar brands exist. If you’re unable to land a deal with one of the brands on this list, consider seeking out similar brands in the same niche.

The list of companies that pay influencers was comprised using data from our influencer marketplace, as well as third-party data collected by others in the industry.

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Brands That Pay Influencers

1. Fabletics

Fabletics uses influencers on Instagram.

Fabletics is an active-lifestyle brand that sells both women’s and men’s activewear. The company does $500 million in revenue every year, and they were founded by American actress Kate Hudson. The company is very reliant on influencers for their marketing, and in 2021 they did a whopping 2,796 sponsored posts on Instagram alone.

This number was higher than that of influencer marketing giants like Fashion Nova, which is surprising, to say the least.

2. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova uses influencers on Instagram.

Fashion Nova is one of the pioneers of influencer marketing, and they still spend a good chunk of their budget on influencer marketing to this day. In fact, in 2019 they had spent $40 million on influencers alone, making them the largest spender on influencers at the time.

The fast-fashion company which was established in 2006 originally made a name for themselves when they flooded Instagram with influencer posts back in the early days of the platform. This was a completely foreign concept back then, and a strategy that mostly relied on gifting influencers free products. The company has since adjusted to also paying influencers to post about their products as the industry has matured since those early days.

3. Flat Tummy Co

Flat Tummy Co uses influencers on Instagram.

Flat Tummy Co has been leveraging the power of influencers since its inception in 2013. The company now sells products beyond just flat tummy tea, this includes gummies, protein shakes, and accessories.

This company is a great match for influencers looking to work with companies in the lifestyle, health, and fitness niche. Luckily, there are plenty of companies similar to Flat Tummy Co that apply the same playbook when it comes to working with influencers. If you’re not interested in working with Flat Tummy Co, consider seeking out an alternative.

4. Goli Gummy

Goli Gummy uses influencers on Instagram.

Goli Gummy was only founded in 2019, and the 2-year-old company did 1,117 sponsored posts on Instagram in 2021 alone. This shows their commitment to influencer marketing as a growth channel for their gummies.

Their strategy is similar to the one we’ve seen in the past with other gummy companies like Sugar Bear Hair, which spent $5 million on influencer marketing back in 2019. It obvious that a lot of companies are applying the same playbook when it comes to marketing similar products through influencers.

5. Lululemon

Lululemon uses influencers on Instagram.

Lululemon is one of the larger athletic apparel companies that depend on influencers to promote their products. In 2021, the company did 1,034 sponsored posts on Instagram.

The company is very big on authentic relationships with influencers, and they’re unique in the sense that not only do ambassadors promote products, but they also get to test drive new products and provide feedback.

If you were interested in working with them you could apply to be an ambassador on their dedicated landing page.

6. Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion uses influencers on Instagram.

Amazon has been dedicating a lot of resources to their fashion branch, this explains their 1,069 sponsored posts on Instagram in 2021. The company is actively trying to gain market share in the fashion space, and they definitely have the budget to pay content creators to help them achieve their goal.

Amazon also recently opened up Amazon Style, their first physical store for men’s and women’s fashion. This is a clear indicator that they plan on expanding in the fashion space, and if you’re a content creator in this niche, this might be a great time to get in touch with the partnerships team at Amazon.

7. Walmart

Walmart uses influencers on Instagram.

Walmart is no stranger to influencer marketing, the company has been consistently spending on influencer marketing for years now. In 2019, we reported that Walmart spent $9.3 million on influencers that year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this number has increased drastically.

In 2021, the company did 1,973 sponsored posts on Instagram. They’re also extremely active on TikTok, where they are continuously piloting new features for the platform. Whether you’re an avid Instagram or TikTok content creator, Walmart can use your help.

8. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing uses influencers on Instagram.

PrettyLittleThing is another fast-fashion brand that employs the same influencer strategy popularized by brands like Fashion Nova.

Companies like PrettyLittleThing, Fashion Nova, Gymshark, all rely on similar strategies when it comes to working with influencers. The nature of their products (clothing) makes it perfect for advertising on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where fashion plays a large role in the content.

9. Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition uses influencers on Instagram.

Quest Nutrition is a company that creates healthy snacks for people that lead an active lifestyle. In 2021, they completed 1,816 sponsored posts on Instagram. This is quite a large sum when you compare their output of sponsored content to other giants on this list, like Walmart and Amazon. Products in the fitness niche are typically a natural fit for influencer marketing, just like the fashion niche.

10. Manscaped

Manscaped uses influencers on Instagram.

Manscaped is a brand that selles shavers for men’s pubes. Not only do they have great branding, but they also rely heavily on influencers to power their business. The company actively pays out millions in influencer partnerships every single year.

The unique part about Manscaped is that although they create products for men, they use a lot of females in their influencer marketing strategy. This is a great way to get in front of their target male audience, as many attractive females on Instagram have predominantly male followings.

Final Thoughts

While there are thousands of brands that are actively looking to find influencers that can work with them, if you’re an influencer, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your way to approach brands that are already paying influencers for collaborations.

By approaching companies that are already paying influencers, you put yourself on their radar and open yourself up to more potential paid partnerships in the future. The list above should give you a foundation to begin exploring the various niches where influencer marketing is being used.

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