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TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses 2024

According to Hootsuite, 92% of TikTok users were inspired to take action after they saw a video on the platform (e.g. liking the content, making a purchase, or visiting an advertiser’s website).

With the platform boasting a global user base in excess of one billion, TikTok represents a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce founders seeking to expand their social media reach and create more customers. With the platform continuing to grow, it remains a great time to launch content on TikTok to grow your brand’s authority and find new leads!

At Collabstr, we know a thing or two about marketing on TikTok, as a high-end professional marketplace where you can find and hire influencers for a range of social media sites, including TikTok. 

Among the key areas for successfully promoting your business on TikTok is content idea generation. In this guide, we’ll explore this topic in detail and look at why you’ll want to use TikTok in the first place along with some overall tips to keep in mind. Let’s dive in!

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What Is TikTok? 

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app allowing the site’s one billion monthly active users to create and share videos on various topics. TikTok users tend to access the site through a mobile device, though a web app version also exists.

How Does TikTok Work?

TikTok generally focuses on short-form video content, with the average length of a video on the platform sitting between 32-42 seconds. The main goal for many content creators on the platform is to appear on users’ ‘For You’ pages, usually by focusing on trending topics, challenges, sounds, and more. 

Engagement is the name of the game for TikTok, with the most prominent creators encouraging creativity and interaction amongst their followers. This makes it an important tool for businesses, as it’s much easier to foster a sense of community around your brand on TikTok than more traditional platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 

Why Should You Use TikTok for Business?

In the age of social media, taking advantage of sites like TikTok can provide a fantastic return on investment for your business. But what specific advantages does TikTok offer?

1. TikTok Has a Huge, Growing Audience

As touched on, TikTok has over one billion active users monthly and is available in more than 150 countries. According to the Search Engine Journal, this ranks it fifth among the most popular social media sites/platforms globally.

TikTok is growing too. While projections vary, SEO firm Higher Visibility predicts that some 2.6 billion people will use the app by 2025! One way or another, TikTok’s enormous user base represents a great opportunity for companies to market to a broader audience and especially younger audiences among Gen Z (TikTok’s largest audience base).

2. TikTok Allows Your Business to Engage with Potential Consumers

Another great aspect of TikTok is the opportunity to engage with potential customers. You can achieve this by posting content designed to attract your target audience (e.g., relevant videos and smart use of hashtags). 

Once you’ve posted your videos, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a more direct manner by responding to comments and direct messages. Ultimately, a good TikTok marketing strategy can prove a fantastic way to convert new leads.

One way you might want to use TikTok to earn more customers is with paid influencer content. This involves paying influencers to compile content designed to resemble user-generated content, providing a greater sense of authenticity to your brand’s online presence.

3. TikTok Provides a Space to Get Creative With Your Repurposed Content

TikTok is the perfect place to repurpose your long-form content as short-form with TikTok videos generally running for less than 60 seconds. 

Short-form content is much easier to digest as they summarize points quickly and you don’t need to invest as much of your attention span before moving onto other content.

Tips When Creating TikTok Content

When creating TikTok content to promote your business and convert new leads, it’s important to take the right approaches needed to succeed.

1. Examine Trends Among Users in Your Target Audience

In order to successfully target and engage with your audience, it’s essential that you understand them fully.

The best way to do this is by looking at content that already exists on TikTok surrounding your niche. For instance, if you’re in the makeup and beauty industry, you might notice high levels of engagement around makeup tutorials, which gives you a good idea of the kind of content you should post. 

It’s also useful to examine your audience on a granular level. Look at demographics, ages, locations, etc., to figure out the best content for each segment of your audience. For instance, you might find that younger audiences might engage more with TikTok challenges, while more mature audiences might consume more instructional or educational content. 

Other related elements worth considering include the best time to post (while considering the average timezone of your followers), as posting at the time when your target audience is most likely to be online will make it much more likely that your content will be seen.

2. Learn The TikTok Algorithm

Understanding how TikTok’s algorithm works is key to securing a high conversion rate through the platform. TikTok’s algorithm is predominantly influenced by location, user interactions, and trending sounds and hashtags. 

Notably, the algorithm doesn’t take an account’s number of followers into consideration, meaning that your content can go viral even if your TikTok account has a relatively small active follower count. What’s more, the algorithm doesn’t factor in the age of the video either.

With a clear understanding of the site's algorithm, you’ll have the knowledge needed to increase engagement among potential customers further and increase your chances of creating a viral video. That said, even if you don’t go viral, knowing the algorithm can certainly pay off with increased views and higher engagement too.

3. Participate in TikTok Challenges

One of the cornerstones of TikTok creativity comes in the form of TikTok challenges. When a TikTok challenge pops up, you’ll want to consider taking part depending on how suited it is to your business. Let’s take a look at some people examples.

Blinding Lights Challenge

The Blinding Lights challenge features the song Blinding Lights by The Weekend (or rather the artist formerly known as The Weeknd since he announced his name change on Twitter recently). 

The challenge, as with many on the platform, comes with a specific dance routine for users to try out. Brands might want to take part in the Blinding Lights challenge to show off their fun and light-hearted side.

The Celeb Look-Alike Challenge

This is a fun challenge where users are tasked with recreating iconic photos or videos from their favorite celebrities. In some cases, users may simply post videos or images if they look like a specific celebrity. This challenge can be another great way of engaging with your followers entertainingly while tapping into a shared interest with regard to followers who like the same celebrities.

Plank Challenge

This challenge involves performing a full round of planks with a popular song added as background music. This challenge can work great for fitness or sports brands, but really any business can try this challenge out to entertain their audience.

TikTok challenges can increase your brand’s reach and engagement levels while making it easier to connect with your audience with authenticity and a down-to-earth appeal. Obviously, you’ll want to make sure your participation in a challenge integrates clear goals (e.g. promoting an event or selling a brand-new product).

Brand Challenges

It’s also worth mentioning that you can make your own challenge. This can be a great way of further engaging with your audience by encouraging them to try out your challenge. 


One example is the In My Denim challenge launched by Denim to promote their fall 2018 Denim Fit Collection. This challenge saw a click-through rate (CTR) of brand takeover of 16.5% while Denim gained an additional 12,000 followers on the platform.

4. Partner with Influential Users

As touched on, TikTok influencer marketing can allow you to add more relatable content to attract new customers. 

While you may want to hire an influencer to produce content that will appear on your account, alternatively, you might want them to post on their own account. This can come in the form of paid sponsorship.

Some of the ways that a sponsored influencer may promote your brand include:

In general, before creating content, you’ll want to do your research, including looking into key TikTok statistics and any stats and trends specific to your goals on the platform.

Content Ideas for Businesses to Go Viral on TikTok

Going viral on TikTok can massively increase your conversion rate on the platform, drawing more people to your website and other social media channels, ultimately driving higher sales.  So clearly, taking smart steps to increase your views can prove very lucrative for your business. But how do you go viral in the first place?

 1. Create a Tutorial For Your Product/Service

As an e-commerce brand, creating a tutorial for a product or service you offer is a great way of promoting your business and encouraging potential leads to visit your store. 

While TikTok was once dominated by singing, dancing, and lip-syncing content, a wider array of content, including short tutorials and life hack videos, are increasingly common on the site today. By creating smart, engaging, and even humorous content, TikTok tutorial videos can play a great role in launching your brand through the TikTok stratosphere.

Make sure your tutorials are digestible (i.e., use a bullet point approach to cover each step of your product or service tutorial). Also, make them entertaining and be sure to use the right hashtags, and keep your target audience in mind.


Brands can use tutorials to provide actionable information that will apply to their followers. However, it’s also possible to use tutorials primarily for entertainment and engagement. In the above example, eco-friendly soap business Into The Eve shows how they make their vegan and plastic free soap. 

While most users won’t make their own soap based on the tutorial, videos like this can grow brand-customer relations.

To keep on top of TikTok trends in general, whether relevant to tutorials or otherwise, consider using TikTok’s creative center.

2. Share "A Day in The Life"

You may also be interested in showing a day in the life of your digital marketer or social media manager. Alternatively, consider this approach for another team member (e.g., fashion brands may want to show a day in the life of their model or even a member of their sales team).

The possibilities are as endless as the number of staff willing to participate. A day-in-the-life video for your business can offer exclusivity as it can explore the unique and brand-specific challenges and opportunities faced by a member of your team on an average day.

You’ll want to plan out a video like this in detail since it’s key that you find the best ways of making the most engaging video possible, all while keeping it pretty short.

Some aspects to consider implementing for a ‘day in the life’ video include:


In the above example, TikToker maximumwash posted a video about running New Zealand multi-million dollar business Building Wash & Exterior Cleaning. Videos like this can not only entertain but act as an opportunity to inform and impress your audience.

3. Do a Workspace/Office Tour

Some businesses like to post workspace/office tour videos to showcase what the entire team gets up to on a day-to-day basis. These videos can be a great way of providing entertaining and informative insights into the daily workings of your business. 

Similar to ‘a day in the life’ videos, workspace/office tours can be a fantastic way of creating an entertaining, humorous, and engaging video that ultimately encourages viewers to follow a call to action (e.g., “check out our site”).

Whether your business has an office space, a retail premise, or a factory, a workspace/office tour might just be the content your business needs to make a breakthrough.


The above example is an office tour of a law firm by TikToker isobellorna_. This clip had over 850,000 views at the time of writing. Videos like this can naturally increase engagement while acting as an opportunity to inform your followers about how your business works in more detail.

4. Introduce the Team

Another idea similar to the latter two is to introduce your team members to your followers. Naturally, this can further your brand’s down-to-earth appeal by establishing a greater connection with your followers. 

You may want to introduce several team members in a single video. However, given the short-form nature of TikTok (and the possibility that you run a business with dozens of team members), it may work better to introduce one employee at a time (or even just a few at a time) as part of an ‘introduce the team’ series. 

Touching on aspects of their jobs and making this content as digestible as possible can make for engaging and likable content.


Above is an example of an ‘introduce the team’ post from Danish creative marketing agency LOAD creatives. This video has nearly 150,000 views as of June 2023. Introducing the team can add a greater human touch to your brand’s TikTok presence and act as a chance to follow up on specific individuals in future content.

5. Personal Motivational Videos

A personal motivational video may or may not make sense for you depending on the nature of your brand. However, we’d recommend giving it some thought. These videos can not only inspire your audience but show your audience how motivated and committed your brand is to your success and that of your followers.

Also, again, with hashtags being a key component of going viral, you’ll be glad to know that the ‘motivation hashtag’ on TikTok has 3 billion + views on the platform!

Here are some personal motivational video ideas that may suit specific e-commerce sectors:

Above is an example of a motivational and personal growth video from TikToker storyofacreator. The use of a voiceover from a motivational speech or interview, or even quotes from a movie are often used as the audio overlay for these kinds of videos. 

Also, the use of short but impactful text and relevant visuals helps sum up the narrative and get across the motivational message at the core of the video.


In today’s guide, we’ve looked at the best content ideas for businesses seeking to go viral on TikTok. We also explained how by following our top tips for creating TikTok content, you can grow your brand’s authority, build a stronger relationship with your followers, and increase your conversion rate! 

When developing your TikTok business strategy, you’ll want to consider how influencers/content creators can play a role in making your brand’s online marketing campaigns more effective. 

That’s where Collabstr comes in. Our marketplace is the ideal place to find and hire influencers/content creators. Our service allows you to buy custom content ranging from product photos to sponsored social media posts to testimonial videos and more!


Collabstr is available in three paid packages such as Collabstr PRO. This version lets 30 influencers apply to your business monthly and allows brands to post unlimited campaigns, along with other advantages.

Written by Collabstr

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