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The Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools to Use in 2024

Let’s be honest–it doesn’t matter which industry you work in, TikTok is an amazing and effective platform to reach your desired audience. TikTok works fast, and it has dedicated users who are always intrigued about what shows up on their ‘For You’ page. This is why it’s one of the best places to promote your affiliate offers and ecommerce products. 

However, to gain reliable success, you need the advantage of being able to learn what your competition is up to. A great way to do this is with TikTok ad spy tools because they help you uncover information on what works and what doesn’t for various TikTok marketing campaigns. 

You’re in luck because at Collabstr we have in-depth knowledge on how best you can leverage social media to help your business succeed. In this article, we’re going to take you through how TikTok ad spy tools can help you, and we’re sharing our top software choices that you can consider using to maximize your TikTok campaigns. 

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a TikTok Ad Spy Tool? 

A TikTok ad spy tool is a TikTok marketing tool that spies on ads run by different accounts on TikTok and saves them in its database. As a TikTok ad spy tool user, you’ll have access to these stored ads so that you can use them for research and inspiration. Specifically, these tools can help you understand how your competitors are running successful ads. 

From one tool, you’ll be able to uncover competitor ad strategies, map out your influencer campaigns, and analyze TikTok user behaviors.

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Why are TikTok Ad Spy Tools Beneficial? 

Saves you a lot of time 

On platforms such as TikTok, the feed is endless. Scrolling through it manually to gain ad insights will take you forever. Unfortunately, when it comes to promoting your business, you don’t have the privilege of time in such an active ecommerce market. So, by using a TikTok ad spy tool that automatically does the searching for you, you’ll get valuable information early enough to have a better chance of benefitting from it. 

Stay ahead of your competition

TikTok ad spy tools give you the advantage of knowing what the current and upcoming trends are based on users’ reactions to the content. This way, you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly in real time. You can have the power to stay ahead of your competitors, which is crucial in an ever-changing digital climate. 

Gain access to the market backdrop

Since TikTok trends move quite fast, using an ad spy tool will give you the insights you need to successfully navigate the platform. Here, precise targeting matters to ensure you get your content in front of the people you want to see it. With a spy tool, you can observe your own content’s performance, as well as the performance of other businesses so you can see which strategies are the most successful. 

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a TikTok Spy Tool



Top 5 Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools

Key Takeaways: 


  1. TikTok Ads Library: Best for getting insights on top-performing TikTok ads

  2. BigSpy: Best for getting unlimited data on TikTok ads

  3. PiPiAds: Best for perfecting your own TikTok ads

  4. FlowSpy: Best if you want comprehensive details on your competitors’ ads

  5. Minea: Best if you want to discover the newest products in your niche


#1: TikTok Ads Library

Best for getting insights on top-performing TikTok ads

TikTok itself has an ad library that’s designed to help you find ad inspiration and spy on the ads of your competitors to see how well they’re performing. It’s a great starting point if you want to see the best and most successful ads on the platform. 

Top Features: 


You can access the TikTok Ad Library through the TikTok Creative Center. It’s a free resource for content creators and marketers. 




#2: BigSpy

Best for getting unlimited data on TikTok ads

BigSpy is considered one of the best TikTok ad spy tools on the market that helps ecommerce business owners keep an eye on different ads in their niche. Besides TikTok, you can also monitor ads from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, and Yahoo. 

Top Features:

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers four pricing plans; 6-Month Pro (billed at $476 for 6 months), Annual Pro (billed at $830 for a year), Group (billed at $2100 for a year), and VIP Enterprise (billed at $3600 for a year). 

The only plan worthwhile for TikTok ad spying is the VIP Enterprise plan. However, you can request a demo before you purchase. 



#3: PiPiAds

Best for perfecting your own TikTok ads

PiPiAds is a top TikTok ad spy tool that’s used by over 50,000 marketers for TikTok ad competitor analysis. 

Top Features: 

PiPiAds Pricing

PiPiAds offers three pricing plans; Starter ($77/month or $54/month if paid annually), VIP ($155/month or $128/month if paid annually), and PRO ($263/month or $181/month if paid annually). The most popular plan is the VIP where you can view 200 ad details per day.

Fortunately, PiPiAds offers a free trial where you can test out the tool before you commit. 



#4: FlowSpy

Best if you want comprehensive details on your competitors’ ads

FlowSpy is a TikTok ad spy tool that gives you an inside look into all your competitors’ campaigns in just a few clicks. 

Top Features: 

FlowSpy Pricing

FlowSpy offers 3 pricing plans; Starter ($49/month), Pro ($99/month), and VIP ($159/month). All the plans come with a free 7-day trial. 



#5: Minea

Best if you want to discover the newest products in your niche

Minea is one of the first ad search tools that appeared on the market, so it has a strong experience in ecommerce. The tool is a great resource for discovering winning TikTok products and analyzing the ads and successful marketing strategies of your competitors. 

Top Features: 

Minea Pricing

Minea offers three pricing plans; Lite (free), Starter (€49/month), and Premium (€99/month). Their best plan is their Premium plan because it offers the TikTok ad spy feature, advanced filters, influencer placements, and access to the Chrome extension. 

Fortunately, Minea offers a free trial to test out the premium features before you make a purchase. 



Wrapping Up

TikTok ad spy tools positively transform how marketers discover trends and generate valuable ad insights. They leverage powerful AI algorithms and detailed visual components to give you data-driven solutions that can help you optimize your marketing campaign performance. Clearly, they’re a great benefit to implement in your marketing strategy, and from our list, you can be sure to pick the right one for you.

To help your TikTok ads stand out even more, you can consider working with TikTok influencers and content creators from Collabstr’s extensive library. Our vetted influencers know what it takes to reach your target audience and boost your TikTok views. So, if you’re going to advertise on TikTok, you might as well take advantage of the value of influencer partnerships!

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